Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

Andorian Madness

Nomenand M’Binga looked upon the pitiful Andorian. Judging by his clothes, they suspected he was a crewmember of The Wandering Child. It was clear the crazed Andorian would not go without a stuggle so they set their phasers to stun-2 and fired. Rather than stunning the crewman, it just pissed him off. He rushed Nomen and bashed him with closed fists. Nomen fired his phaser again with no effect. M’Binga started moving back toward the staircase. The Andorian chased him and attacked. M’Binga used a knee-strike to injure the crewman, but it wasn’t enough to stop him. Regrettably, Nomen set his phaser to Kill-1 and fired. The phaser blast did slow him. One more karate kick from M’Binga finally brought the Andorian crewman down. They tied his hands and feet with some loose wires they found in an equipment locker and left him in the stairwell. He would need medical attention but for now he was neutralized.

Nomen and M’Binga returned to deck 2 and the bridge access door. Nomen fired up the cutting torch and started to open a hole in the thick door. After about 30 minutes, he was able to open a small hole through the door into the environment behind it. An immediate whistle of air through the hole suggested that there was no atmosphere in the bridge. After a few minutes, the air pressure equalized, and they continued cutting.

After 1 hour, there was a hole large enough to open the door. Inside the bridge were 6 dead crewmen all in vacuum suits, the bodies were still at their posts. It was unclear just how they had died.

There was no power on the bridge. They thought it might be possible to restore power to the consoles by directing power from the ship’s batteries.

Nomen returned to the deck 5 to check the battery breaker box. He passed the crazed Andorian, who was conscious but unresponsive. M’Binga stayed on the bridge. The ship’s batteries had just enough power to turn on the bridge consoles only. Nomen flipped the switch and M’Binga used the console to bring up a status report on the ship. The report showed the warp and impulse drives in full working condition but unable to generate power. Ship wide intercom did not work. M’Binga was about to check the captain’s log files when he got the feeling that there was something else alive on the bridge. He drew his phaser pistol and slowly turned around. Then a siren went off. A horrible siren so loud he thought his bones would shatter. The sound was so intense that he thought he couldn’t hear his own thoughts. Then, he thought the room lights went out again. The big Rigellian lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

Three decks below the bridge, Nomen Clay heard the terrible siren and his enhanced hearing only made it worse. The sound pierced his eardrums like hot needles pressing into his brain. He hated the sound and wanted to run from it but where could he go? And what of his comrade? Would he suffer the same fate as the other Andorians on board? He knew he had to move up the staircase back to the bridge to help M’Binga. He made it to deck 4. The sound grew louder. He climbed to deck 3 and the his feet stopped moving. His natural instinct to flee had taken over and his feet would no longer carrying him any closer to the horrible, infuriating sound. Although his brain felt like jelly, vibrating within the confines of his skull, he remembered his training. The discipline that was drilled in to his conscience helped him to push through the pain and his feet moved again. He found a locker with another vacuum suit. He put on the helmet first and the sound seemed a little more tolerable. He suited up, grabbed another helmet for M’Binga and headed up the stairs to the deck 2.

When he arrived on deck 2, the siren stopped. He almost fell down from the relief. He walked toward the bridge. There he saw a large lobster-like creature crawling on M’Binga. Another lobster was crawling on a dead crewman. He banged a fist against the spare helmet to get the monsters’ attention. Both creatures looked at him and began shrieking their horrible song again. Nomen dropped to his knees and fired a phaser at one of the beasts. He missed and they both scurried away into a hole underneath the bridge consoles.

There was only 5 hours of life support remaining.



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