Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

Crew assembles at Starbase 2204

Nomen Clay and Skoan arrived at the Starbase 2204 and discovered that a starbase can be a large and busy place. However, they arrived with time to spare and decided to grab a bite to eat on the Promenade. They entered a restaurant that specialized in exotic foods called K’Chow.

They are seated and served by a Renal waiter (Renal = a race of sentient, humaniod racoons) they affectionately named ‘Rocky’. Rocky annoyed them with pointless banter but he really got annoying when he recognized them as Star Fleet officers. Over and over he asked to hear stories of life on a starship and the adventures they experienced. Nomen tried to encourage him to submit an application to Star Fleet, but Rocky would not be satisfied with anything less than a tour of the Stauffenberg. Such a visit on the ship was completely out of the question and a violation of protocol. Regretfully, they promised to stay in touch with Rocky as long as Rocky would keep them notified of any rumors or information he might uncover on the starbase.

Nomen ordered the Klingon delicacy known as K’Hurl (yellow slugs in a butter and cinnamon sauce). Strangely, this dish was not on the menu but Nomen found it tasty and gained 1 HP for the duration of the episode. Skoan enjoyed a fruit salad.

After dinner, the two hung out at the “Space-bar”, a popular haunt for military types. Nomen used his Enhanced Hearing to eavesdrop of the conversations of the patrons. He found out the following rumors

1. The Federation economy has been drained because of the Kzinti war. Federation is nearly bankrupt and member planets are considering succession.
2. Kzinti warships have been detected in Fed space. As deep into Fed territory as Regulus IV!!
3. A spy has been in place at the Academy for quite some time.
4. There are stories of indiscretions among the Academy instructors. Tamara King has been suspected of having an affair with an instructor! (Is anyone surprised?)

At 0600 hours the following day, the team embarked on the USS Stauffenberg which is docked at Starbase 2204. At 1000 hours the captain Lt. Cmdr. Basil Williamson, held a briefing and introduced the team to the full Crew of the Stauffenberg as well as Marine Lieutenant M’Binga. The captain explained that the ship will be performing all the standard duties of a Burke-class frigate and they would expect 3-4 missions per month. The typical action seen by larger ships were perhaps one every 3-4 months. He gave out the department assignments. Also, the captain was willing to wait before nominating a First Officer. He wanted to see all the new Ensigns’ performance on a few missions before making a selection. Engineer John Morimoto formally requested the honor of performing the duties of team leader on the first mission which was granted. Nomen Clay was clearly annoyed at Morimoto’s shameless display of brown-nosing.

The ship had been assigned to do cargo inspections of the freighters passing through the nuetral zone from Klingon and Kzinti space. But first, the captain wanted to test the new officers in a game of ‘Star Fleet Laser Tag’. The scenario would pit the Officers vs. the enlisted Marines.



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