Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

One more time

Back on the USS Stauffenberg…

“Bollucks!” exclaimed the captain. “A military installation built on a Federation colony and Star Fleet was not informed of it’s existence!”

M’Binga, Skoan, Morimoto, and Maeve were seated at the small table in the briefing room of the USS Stauffenberg while Captain Williamson nervously paced around the table.

“Sir, clearly, if Governor Seabolt deliberately withheld this information, then how much more is he hiding?” asked M’Binga. “We should assault the base immediately with the entire Marine platoon and a salvo of suppressing fire from the Stauffenberg’s weapons!”

“Fire upon the surface of a friendly colony planet? Within the Federation borders? Are you daft man!? We’d be labeled as outlaws! Put on trial for treason! Assuming the rest of Star Fleet doesn’t blow us out of the sky first!” replied the captain.

M’Binga explained, “We are following a trail of evidence. It started at the sensor station. We investigated the debris field and we know the station was destroyed by sabotage. Ten crewmembers were murdered. We detected a ship leaving the scene and heading directly to Colony B-4354. We followed the ship to this colony. Surely, Star Fleet would understand there is a legitimate reason for us to investigate further.”

Williamson sighed. “I can’t see how we can stay here much longer. According to the regulations, we are to provide service to the local civilian governments, not the other way around. If the governor asks me to take the ship out of orbit and leave the area, then I am obliged to do so.”

The dulcet sound of Ensign Fey’s voice came across the intercom. “Captain,” she said, “I have an open communication channel from the colony. Governor Seabolt would like to speak to you directly sir.”

“This is it then.” The captain replied, “Patch it to the briefing room, ensign.”

Governor Seabolt spoke, “Captain, I formally request that you take your ship out of orbit and leave the vicinity. You have no justification to remain in orbit and delay your normal duties. As you can see, we are a peaceful colony and have no need for protection from Star Fleet at this time.”

“I am sorry for any inconvenience our presence may have caused you. But, we found a fortress in the mountains on your planet. Could you explain the reason you did not bother to tell us about it? We intend to stay until we have an answer.” replied the captain.

“You have no right to investigate our planet!!” roared the governor. “We are a peaceful planet and our planetary defenses are our own business!” The governor paused before speaking again. “I suspected you wouldn’t leave willingly. Therefore, I made contact with Captain Kovalchek of the USS Republic. He and his ship will arrive in four hours to escort your ship away from the planet. There is nothing more to discuss at this point. Good-bye Captain.” The comm link turned off.

Captain Williamson sat down and smoothed his beard.

“We could investigate further, captain.” Hissed Ensign Skoan. “We could scan the planet with the ship’s sensors. We are already in trouble just for staying in orbit.”

“Scanning the planet without warrant or authorization is a violation of those citizen’s privacy.” Said the captain. “Ensign Morimoto and Ensign Reeju, you are dismissed. Ensign Skoan and M’Binga, please stay.”

Skoan and M’Binga remained in the briefing room. The captain turned off his P.A.D.D display and spoke to them in a muted tone. “I want you to return to the planet’s surface. But, this time you will have to stay until you find some useful information. Which means the ship may leave orbit before your mission is complete. Do you understand that we may have to leave you behind?”

The two ensigns nervously agreed. “Take one marine with you. This must be a small team. And you must emphasize stealth in this mission. You must not be seen by the colonists or anyone else for that matter.” The captain continued, “I will put together a cover story if you are found out. But, it is likely we will all be court-martialed if you don’t discover the secrets the governor is hiding. This mission may ruin your careers with Star Fleet if you don’t succeed. Good luck!”

The team went to the armory and prepped for the mission. They took the following equipment:

  1. MBinga – 1 transporter beacon,1 tactical tricorder, 1x stun grenade, 1x flash bang grenade.
  2. Skoan – 1 medical kit, 1 medical tricorder.
  3. Marine Sgt. Dez – 1 data tricorder, combat knife, schematics of the fortress stored on a data card. The security team member manual, insurgency tactics manual and asymmetrical warfare manual all on another data card.
  4. All – armor is monocrys vest, camoflauge BDUs, 2x flashlights, phaser carbines, phaser type2 pistol, rope, emergency med kit, two filtration canteens, envirobag, 5 days of rations, communicator, c – cell battery, b-cell battery.

The team then made their way to the transporter pad and beamed down to the planet one more time…



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