Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

Searching the 'Wandering Child'

After pulling the shuttle into the shuttle bay and swimming in thick liquid ‘space’, some of the team had lost fatigue points.

M’Binga –2 FP
Genn –4 FP
Cy-Siddah –4 FP

The team decided to explore more of the ‘Wandering Child’. They choose to take the rickety old turbolift, which amazingly still had power and lead to the engineering deck on the opposite side of the ship (Aft side). In the turbolift were two cold-weather parkas and one operational battery lantern. They got to the engineering deck to find the engineering control room door locked. They tried to force the door open but heard voices on the other side of the door. They opened the door with phasers drawn and ready. Inside the control room were two frightened Orion crewmen. They tried to explain that they were the engineering assistants. When asked what happened to the ship, they simply answered that they heard lots of screaming, the power went out, and they locked themselves inside the engineering room for safety. Nomen Clay was not buying the story though. With his Andorian senses, he could tell they were lying about something. He also noticed a familiar tattoo on the Orions. A tattoo that symbolized loyalty to the pirate Capt. Zigg Hanzzen. Meanwhile, Skoanand Cy-Siddah discussed the possibility of re-starting the warp engines. Cy explained that the warp engines looked fine and there was no reason they should not be active. After some discussion, it was decided that Cy would use his engineering skill to try some warp core simulations on the data tricorder. M’Binga found a damage control kit and a cutting torch in one of the crew’s lockers. 1 hour passed while exploring Engineering section.

At this time, the group decided to split up. On the Engineering deck, Genn would watch over the Orions while Skoan and Cy would continue research on the warp engines. M’Binga and Nomen took the turbolife back to the bridge on the forward side of the ship taking the damage control kit and cutting torch with them. Their plan was to cut their way into the bridge.

When the turbolift reached the forward end of the ship, they noticed another turbolift car was parked there. Phaser drawn and using the light of their tricorders to see, they heard the sound of someone moaning as if in pain. They followed the sound down an air shaft to the battery deck. They took the stairs to the battery deck. Walking cautiously onto the desk, they called to whoever was there. Someone answered in the Andorian language and summoned them to move closer. M’Binga threw a grenade in the direction of the sound but did not pull the pin. A shadowy figure moved toward the grenade, picked it up and licked it?! Nomen rushed toward the figure as the figure fired a laser pistol back at Nomen. The laser shot missed and Nomen tackled it. Nomen saw the person face to face. It was an Andorian screaming and moaning and kicking and firing the laser pistol randomly. The Andorian was extremely strong and tried to get away from Nomen but Nomen had him in a headlock. M’Binga used his phaser to shoot the laser pistol out of the Andorian’s hand. Nomen tried to grab the wild Andorian’s antennae but saw they had been pulled out! The Andorian begged to be released. Nomen released him and he ran to the corner, hands over his scarred head and moaned…

There were 6.5 hours of life support remaining…



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