Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

Starfleet Laser Tag

Skoan was given the assignment to create a suitable map for the teams to use as a battlefield.

Two teams were selected. For the Officer’s team, Ensign John Morimoto – team leader, Ensign Skoan, Lieutenant M’Binga, Ensign Cy-Siddah, and Ensign Maeve Reeju. With Maeve’s four arms, she is the only officer with the ability to use two weapons and two attacks per round. For the Marine’s team, 4 Squad was selected with Tm Sgt. Genn Anison as team leader.

The objective: Capture the flag. All weapons were set to Stun-1 setting. The maze was separated into three corridors. Each team flag was setup at each end of the middle corridor. The middle corridor was straight except for two force fields positioned about half-way between the flags. One player could hold down a button on the console next to each force field to turn off both force fields and allow movement down the corridor. The force fields would be down as long someone was holding the button. The other two corridors had many corners and turns with an entrance at each side next to the flags.

The Captain gave the order to begin the competition. The marines split up and sent three marines down the center corridor, one marine down the right corridor and Genn Anison down the left corridor. The officers sent Morimoto, Cy, and Maeve down the center, Skoan went down the left corridor and M’Binga stood watch next to the entrance of the left corridor.

In the center, the marines moved quickly to their button. The officers moved to their button and Morimoto attempted to bypass the button using his Engineering Tricorder. The Marines didn’t waste a moment and immediately pressed the button. One of the grunts shot Maeve and knocked her out completely. Cy-Siddah returned fire and stunned the grunt mildly. He would be up again in ten minutes.

On the left, Genn Anison moved cautiously around the turns and was met with a suppressing fire from M’Binga. Unfortunately for Genn, she did not make her perception roll to see Skoan using his camouflage ability to hide along the walls. She had walked right by him! Skoan then proceeded unimpeded to the enemy flag.

On the right, the last marine got lost checking each and every corner and made no progress.

Victory went to the Officers!



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