Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

The Colony on planet B-4354

The USS Stauffenberg was a small ship but a very busy ship. As soon as the Orion stowaways were dropped off, Capt. Williamson ordered the ship to leave starbase 2204 and return to patrol duty on the edge of the neutral zone. Before the ship arrived at the neutral zone, an emergency communiqué from 4th Fleet Command HQ was sent to the entire fleet.

The message carried the news of an outpost sensor station that exploded and all of its crew was killed. Hundreds of these sensor stations were deployed along the neutral zone. They created a type of early-warning radar network. The network could detect any foreign ships passing across the neutral zone and into Federation territory. With one of the stations destroyed, there was a “hole” in the early-warning network. Any ship could enter into Federation territory through the gap and nobody would know about it. The apparent cause of the explosion was a fusion reactor overload. But, even a blind Slirdarian could tell this could only have been an act of sabotage. The Stauffenberg was ordered to rush to the location and provide some sensor coverage for the “hole” until a specialized scout ship could be deployed there.

The captain ordered the ship to go to general quarters. M’Binga was assigned to be temporary weapons officer while Nomen Clay was on disability leave.

Skoan suggested deploying several of the ships probe devices into the hole to provide additional sensor coverage. When the ship arrived at the location, they setup four of the five Class-1 probes in a diamond formation around the ship. They pointed the ship’s sensors toward the neutral zone, hoping that no enemy ships had passed that way before they arrived.

Sure enough, one of the Class-1 probes made contact with a ship already in Federation space and it was moving quickly toward the interior planets of the Federation.

The Stauffenberg started to take up pursuit, but the contact was too fast to catch and too far away. Dyesha Fey signaled another Federation ship in position to intercept the contact.

The heavy cruiser USS Republic was able to intercept the contact but confirmed it was only a civilian priority transport. The civilian vessel appeared legitimate and was following an approved course to B-4354, a small colony planet. The Republic broke off contact with the civilian ship and left the area.

Captain Williamson chose to stay and monitor the gap in the sensor network. But, once the scout ship arrived to relieve the Stauffenberg, the captain ordered a sweep of the debris from the destroyed sensor station. Skoan discovered that a fusion reactor overload did indeed cause the explosion. He also scanned the area for any warp signature trails that might indicate that a ship had crossed the neutral zone recently. He did find a trail but could not identify the specific ship that created it.

Skoan laid in a course to colony B-4354. Once there, he put the ship in standard orbit while the captain contacted the local governor. Governor Gordon Seabolt denied that any ship came to the planet and refused to allow any scans of the planet surface. “We are an official Federation colony and home to Federation citizens!” He growled, “Starfleet has no right to invade our privacy by scanning this planet or any other Federation colony!” Captain Williamson contacted Starfleet HQ and confirmed that the planet and its citizens were protected by certain rights. He was not authorized to scan the planet in any way.

But, the captain thought he could justify a routine inspection of the fusion reactors on the colony since there had been a recent fusion reactor accident on the sensor station. Governor Seabolt was furious but quickly realized he could not prevent the inspection. A team led by M’Binga was sent down to the colony.

Team included M’Binga, Skoan, Maeve Reeju, Morimoto, and two marines. Everyone was lightly equipped with phaser pistols and tricorders only.

On the planet surface, the team was met by governor’s aide Matthew Genarro. He gave the team a short tour of the colony. The planet was Class-O meaning it was very similar to Earth but with a much colder climate. There had been several failed attempts at colonizing this planet over the years due to the difficult winter weather. Matthew was confident, however, that his colony would ultimately survive.

The colony was home to about 10,000 people and the community produced agricultural products and imported everything else. The colony also had an excellent fabrication facility. Matthew explained that supply ships normally arrive once a week and this week’s shipment arrived some days ago. No other ships had arrived recently. Since there was no commercial platform in orbit, it was necessary that all supply ships have the ability to land on the planet’s surface. Although the colony was struggling financially, the governor was very wealthy. Just at that moment, the governor’s sport airplane flew overhead. It headed in the direction of the old 3rd colony ruins. Matthew explained that the governor was also the chief surveyor and used his airplane for surveying work. M’Binga was now very interested in exploring the old ruins.

When the team arrived at the fusion reactor building, they found the fusion reactor chief asleep in his office. They started the inspection immediately. All appeared well but Morimoto did everything he could to find an excuse to keep the team on the planet just a little longer. M’Binga decided to leave Morimoto and Maeve Reeju to conduct the inspection while the rest of the team continued the tour.

They stopped at a civilian house to rest and spoke with the lady who lived there. She introduced herself as Mrs. Smith and she was very friendly and hospitable. The team noticed that there were several old photos displayed around the house of ruined settlements. She said that her husband was a history buff and collected a lot of info on the old failed colonial expeditions. She explained that he was working late today at the fabrication plant. Mrs. Smith also spoke of a rocket launch that was to occur this weekend but it was cancelled unexpectedly. The team decided to speak with Mr. Smith at the fabrication plant.

M’Binga used his communicator to update Morimoto. Morimoto had caused an alarm condition in the fusion reactor to allow more time for the team to visit the fabrication plant.

The team met back at the fabrication plant. They were able to get the plant manager to provide a brief tour. The colony was able to produce agricultural machinery, pre-fab buildings, and all sorts of tools at this facility. The plant manager showed them something very interesting; five solid-fuel booster rockets in production. The plant manager was very excited about these rockets and was proud that his facility was able to produce such excellent quality devices. He was obviously disappointed because the payload had not been delivered this week as expected and the launch would have to be delayed. The payload was supposed to be weather and survey satellites which would be boosted into orbit with the solid-fuel rockets.

Morimoto used a brief moment during the tour to speak with M’Binga. He explained that he had been informed that 5 orbital defense satellites had been stolen recently from a Starfleet production facility. How coincidental was it that this factory was constructing exactly five booster rockets?

The team was able to speak to Mr. John Smith. John was excited that Starfleet personnel were interested in the history of his little colony and he agreed to take the team to the ruins of the 3rd colony that following day.

The team returned to the Stauffenberg and made plans to take the shuttlecraft to the ruins of the 3rd colony with John Smith.


Here is the log file from Lan (M’Binga) of this week’s session. I’m posting just to provide another POV of the events.

Personal Log - 2nd Lieutenant M'Binga
Returned to Starbase to drop off Orions and cargo. Nomen to remain under Doctor ordered rest.

Return to patrol area. Capt orders Weapons Status 1. Officers summoned to meeting. Sensor station Alpha on the edge of the Kzinti neutral zone has been destroyed along with 10 citizens. No indication of ship crossing the neutral zone. Suspected terrorist attack or sabotage. We are to stand in until station can be replaced. We are going to be a sensor station stand-in.
Scoan – Helm, Sy-Syddh – Sensor, M’Binga – Weapons, Morimoto Engineering.
Plan drop 2 sensor drones along the perimeter of the zone and one behind us. Our ship will patrol the zone in the dead space between Stations Bravo & Charlie near the Station site. Have sensor stations for each probe and 2 on the ship sensors.
Rear sensor detects ship leaving into Federation space. Drop another probe and start pursuit at warp 8 and the freighter goes to warp 8. Contact Heavy Cruiser “Republic” to intercept. The determine that it’s a Tramp freighter heading to colony planet B4534 and let them go. Under protest we return to station.
Examine debris, fusion reactor exploded, that’s not going to happen without interference. Scan for warp signature.
After maintenance ship arrives, we start chasing the freighter. Contact governor of planet. He hasn’t seen any ship. Becomes upset when request for scan of planet and signs off. Not allowed by Star Fleet to scan planet. Will send down team for reactor inspection. M’Binga in charge.
Captain to make contact with the governor.
Minimal load out Phasers, Tricorder. Scoan (Med Tric), Morimoto (Engr Tric), M’Binga ( ), Lcpl Destin (Data Tric: Fusion Reactor, Planet info, CSI data base), Maeve (science, Brecon, Science Tricorder), Cpl Giv (Prelarian, Tact Tricorder).
Captain contacts governor about inspecting reactor (story similar to reactor that blew up).
On planet meet representative Mathew Genaro. Pine forest area. Prior colonizations had several fail. Currently human colony of 10,000 covering 20 miles and seems to be holding up. Cold in the winter, nice weather now. Takes us to the reactor. Control room manager is asleep in his chair. Genaro yells at Simpson to get up. Inspection log shows tripped breakers. Morimoto to spend some time checking out with Maeve.
We question Mathew about planet. Have landing area, no one at the moment. (today Sunday) Tramp freighters show up on Thursdays. Governor takes off in his personal flier to area he is not know to go. Abandoned early colony, the third. Civil strife and division, 200 killed each other off.
Stop at house to use the “facilities” thinks we are here to see the launch. Mathew doesn’t want us around. Contact captain and let him know what is going on. Contact Morimoto to discover more problems. Alarms go off, Mathew runs off. Question our host about rockets, the third colony, and other information. Third colony just ruins and fortifications, only lasted a couple of months. Husband working at the factory, can make pretty much anything they need, could be working on the rocket parts now. Prints out local map. Debra won’t see husband for 8 hours.
Morimoto going to take another 8 hours. Go to the factory and Morimoto creates something to interest the Supervisor and we get tour of the plant. Large floor several agricultural devices and the end are 5 rockets being fueled. Mark VII satellite launching rockets, large payload areas. Plan on deploying 5 satellites, delay in the payload. Supposed to arrive from off planet last Thursday, not going to arrive until next Thursday. Meet John Smith, will take us to the Third colony location tomorrow on his day off. 50 miles out. Morimoto rocket design often used to launch phase equipped defense satellites. Know of 5 stolen federation defense satellites.
Return to Stauffenburg and report to the captain. Plan for next day. Take shuttle craft with Marine shuttle pilot, Marine, John Smith as guide, Scoan, M’Binga, Morimoto, Maeve.

The Colony on planet B-4354

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