Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

The Song of the Universe

Meanwhile, in the engineering module (aft side of the freighter), Skoan and Cy-Siddah debated the condition of the warp engines and whether they could be fixed. Cy programmed a formula in the data tricorder which would simulate the normal operation of a warp engine. And he pondered to himself, “If all things were equal, the warp engines should be working”. But, things were not equal, which led him to believe that if there was nothing wrong with the warp engines then there could be something wrong with the universe! “Perhaps,” he said, “The freighter fell into a rift in the universe which was created by the violent ion storms. And perhaps, the freighter is trapped in a pocket universe. The nature of this pocket universe is indeterminate. All the rules of physics could have changed.” He immediately started his simulation, but altered the constant values of the formula, such as the c=speed of light. In doing so, he found a few different combinations of values that could maintain a stable warp reaction. But, in order to test his simulation, he needed a working engineering console and there was no power in the engineering module. Skoan knew he could jury-rig a console with a D-Cell battery, two of which were left back on the shuttlecraft on the other side of the ship. Skoan recruited one of the Orions and jumped into the turbolift back to the command module.

As the turbolift moved toward the command module, Skoan and the Orion heard the sound of the siren quietly but increasing in volume as the turbolift moved closer. They also heard the distant sound of phaser fire! When the turbolift arrived at the command module, they found Nomen and M’Binga stunned and lying on the floor. When they awoke, they explained all that had happened with the strange lobster creatures that emitted a wicked siren. For now, the creatures had left the bridge.

Nomen gathered his wits and began sorting through the files in the captain’s log and the ship’s manifest. The log showed the freighter had left a Klingon planet named K’Dall. The manifest showed a list of exotic foods destined for the Andorian home planet. Among the exotic foods was something called K’Ryth Ha. No one recognized that name.

M’Binga scanned the ship for life signs and found signs of the two lobsters on shuttle deck 4. Apparently, they crawled through the walls to move between decks. Skoan knew the risk but he had to get to the shuttle bay and pickup the D-cells. The ship was without power until Cy-Siddah could jump start the warp engines.

Skoan and the Orion took the stairs down to the shuttle deck. They grabbed the D-cells out of the shuttle and returned without incident.

Nomen performed the Andorian ‘last rites’ ritual for the dead crewmen of the Wandering Child.

The group decided to return to the engineering module with the D-cells, hoping Cy-Siddah could work some magic on the warp engines.

They weren’t so lucky because when they returned to the engineering module, Cy, Sgt. Genn Anison, and the second Orion were gone. A quick tricorder scan showed they were in the crew bunk room with four extra visitors.

The team drew their phasers. The Orion grabbed a shiv out of a storage locker. M’Binga threw a stun grenade into the bunk room. It went off. Then they carefully peeked into the room and saw a laughing Andorian holding a large box with one hand holding the lid closed. Also in the room, wounded and unconscious, were Cy and Genn. The second Orion slouched on the floor in one corner, presumably stunned by the grenade.

The Andorian preached to them, “Please, Please! Come in and listen to the ‘Song of the Universe’! You cannot hurt me! I have heard the song and will live forever! Come closer and I will let you hear it too!” Both of his antennae were torn out just like the Andorian on the battery deck.

The team wasted no time and fired phasers at the Andorian with kill-2 settings. The Andorian uttered his last words, “I am in Nirvana!” as he removed his hand from the box lid. Out from the box, came three lobsters and they sang their siren song immediately.

Nomen was stunned again. Skoan and M’Binga managed to resist the effects of the siren song and phasered the lobsters on kill-2 setting. The engineering module was quiet and safe again.

Skoan used his physician ability to keep Cy and Genn in stable but critical condition. They needed to be taken to sick bay and soon. But, the freighter still did not have power. Skoan grabbed the data tricorder from Cy-Siddah. With the formula stored in the tricorder and using the D-cells to power an engineering console, Skoan was able to get the warp engines and the impulse engines back online. Unfortunately, neither engine could generate forward momentum. Apparently, Cy-Siddah’s formula did not account for that.

The freighter still had solid-fuel maneuvering thrusters which could be used to push the freighter. The team decided to split up again. Nomen and Skoan went back to the bridge to drive the ship. M’Binga and Orion #1 stayed in engineering with the wounded.



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