Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

The 'Wandering Child' comes home

Nomen Clay and Skoan stepped out of the turbolift into the hallway. Skoan used his tricorder to scan for life signs. As was expected, the two remaining K’Ryth Ha were hiding in walls behind the consoles on the bridge. It was clear that if they wanted to drive the freighter out of this pocket universe, they would need to secure the bridge. Wishing to avoid contact with the beasts at all costs, Nomen recommended they go to the Auxiliary Control room. Furthermore, they decided to put on the vacuum suits and remove the entire atmosphere from every deck in the command module. They presumed the vacuum would slow down the K’Ryth Ha and prevent them from using their sonic attack.

Once in the Auxiliary control room, Skoan was able to scan the area outside of the freighter. He deduced that there must be a rift in space that connected this pocket universe with the normal universe. He was able to locate this rift. Using the control console, he turned on the maneuvering thrusters and directed the ship back through the rift.


While back in the engineering deck, one of the Orions tried to start some small talk with Lieutenant M’Binga. The Orion said that he had seen the wounded Sgt. Genn Anison before and that he had some personal information he would pass on to the lieutenant. M’Binga showed no interest and kept his phaser carbine pointed at the Orion.


Skoan piloted the Wandering Child back into normal space and into the ion storm. Immediately, communication with the USS Stauffenberg was restored. Captain Williamson contacted the team and informed them that a powerful gravity wave was heading in their direction. He ordered an immediate evacuation of the freighter. Nomen Clay, Skoan, M’Binga, the wounded Cy-Siddah and Sgt Anison, the two Orion stowaways, and the wounded Andorian tied down in the battery deck were all transported to safety on the Stauffenberg.

The gravity wave slammed into the freighter and destroyed the command module and the engineering section. The cargo pod was still intact and the Stauffenberg was able to tow it back to Starbase 2204.

On the Stauffenberg, Captain Williamson ordered a full medical scan for Nomen Clay. Unfortunately, the doctor determined that Nomen had a serious case of PTSD. The siren song of the K’Ryth Ha had a serious effect on him. Nomen would suffer the effects of the Combat Fatigue disadvantage until he fully recovered. The doctor put him on medical leave for two weeks with a strict regimen of medication and psychotherapy every day. He was also restricted to quarters for two weeks. Ensign Morimoto would cover the duties of weapons officer in the meantime.

The following morning, Captain Williamson held a debriefing session. He clarified several issues

  1. The K’RythHa were recently discovered on a Klingon world and were considered a delicacy among Andorian foodies. No one had ever tried to ship the K’rythHa into Federation space before and the freighter crew found out how difficult they are to transport.
  2. The Orions were definitely stowaways and would receive a light sentence at the starbase.
  3. The rift leading to the pocket universe closed unexpectedly without a trace.
  4. He spoke to M’Binga about Sgt. Anison. The captain had concerns about her and the comments made by the Orion made him more concerned. He requested that Sgt. Anison be reassigned to 5 squad and someone else promoted to team leader of 4 squad.

The captain commended the team for recovering the ‘Wandering Child’ and preventing a potential health crisis. For their service, the team was awarded two Seniority points, one Professional Reputation point, one Heroic Reputation point, and two bonus points to apply to their character’s skills.



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