Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

Episode 2: The Voyage of the Stauffenberg

Having completed their final exams, the cadets (now commissioned as Ensigns) are ready for their first assignment; the newly commissioned Burke-class frigate, the USS Stauffenberg, Valkyrie sqaudron, 4th Fleet. The ship will be begin it’s tour of duty at Starbase 2204.

Episode 1: Secrets of the Federation

Five senior academy cadets Nomen Clay, Skoan, Dash Rendar, Maeve Reeju, and Tamarra King have one last test to complete before they are commissioned as officers of the Federation Star Fleet. Their ‘practical’ final exam will be administered by the mysterious Capt. Ricardo De La Vega. He sends them on a search and rescue mission to an uncharted planet. The cadets soon realize this mission is not exactly as what they were told.

Mission Report:
The cadet team was picked up by the USS Ferris Bueller, a salvage freighter under the command of Capt. Zigg Hanzzen. They were carried to the uncharted planet tentatively named ‘Bueller-3’ where they were transported to the surface.

The events that occurred on the surface are classified pending a full review due to the possibility that a violation of the Prime Directive made have occurred there.

A brief description of what is known: The alleged ‘final exam’ turned out to be a ruse. The actual exam was scheduled to be taken at Star Fleet Academy and the team had been unknowingly kidnapped then stranded on Bueller-3. Bueller-3 is a class-M planet with an overabundance of plant and animal life forms. The team discovered a race of sentient frog-like creatures while on the planet. They also encountered a macro-biotic vegetable life form, but choose to avoid it because it looked really hungry. There is a possibility that a machine of Andromedan origin was encountered but the team destroyed it with several phaser shots before a full analysis could be done. The team located a large debris field littered with T-mass (refer to Items tab).

About 40 hours after it was discovered that the cadets had left Star Fleet Academy and missed the finals, the USS Wesley was dispatched to follow the route of the Ferris Bueller and recover the cadets. Upon arrival at Bueller-3, the USS Wesley made sensor contact with an unidentified ship moving at high warp speed away from the planet. Contact was lost with the mysterious ship but the cadets were found on the surface of the planet with Zigg, De La Vega and the salvage crew. Capt. Zigg and his Orion crew were taken into custody and charged with kidnapping. Capt. Ricardo De La Vega was also taken into custody but released after it became clear that his only purpose for being on the planet was to collect data for his next Exo-Botany lecture.

This data taken from the log files recorded by acting Science Officer Maeve Reeju. The full report is classified.


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