USS Stauffenberg

Burke-class Frigate; Commissioned in Y143. Current command: Cmdr. Basil Williamson. Part of the ‘Valkyrie’ squadron which includes the frigates USS Von Braun and USS Gutenberg.

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Naval Constuction Contract Numbers:
The USS Stauffenberg is NCC-336A
USS Gutenberg is NCC-336B
USS Von Braun is NCC-336C

USS Rommel is NCC-336 with no letter, it is the first construction contract of the series, but not part of the ‘Valkyrie’ squadron. For official numbers see Federation NCC numbers

External schematic of a Burke-class Frigate
Burke upgrade ncc 301 31930

Ship Specifications
Two 18 Gigawatt Warp Engines
9 Gigawatt Impulse Drive
3 Gigawatt Auxiliary non-warp reactors
6 Gigawatt Batteries
Two Photon Torpedo launchers
Three Phaser-1 emitters with 180-degree arc (facing forward, port side, starboard side)
Two transporter pads
Two tractor beam emitters
Two standard administrative shuttles
Crew compliment of 160
Marine platoon with 30 Marines

(FYI, In Star Fleet Battles terms, 3 Gigawatts = 1 Pt of power)

Ships Images
Burke 70



Ship’s Namesake
This ship is named in honor of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, hero of the German people! Von Stauffenberg was one of the central members of the German resistance movement during Earth’s Third Reich. He participated in the 20 July 1944 attempt to assassinate Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. That plot was known as Operation Valkyrie
Claus von stauffenberg

USS Stauffenberg

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