Welcome to Star Fleet Academy!

This campaign takes place in a universe inspired by Star Trek. It uses the Prime Directive rules powered by GURPS v4.0. The setting borrows heavily from the Star Fleet Universe created by Amarillo Design Bureau.

See more about this universe at Star Fleet Universe Info

A very detailed description of this universe is located on the Memory-Alpha website.

The nations and races in this universe are slightly different from those found in canon Star Trek.
The major powers in the Star Fleet Universe are…
United Federation of Planets
Klingon Empire
Kzinti Hegemony
Tholian Holdfast
Romulan Empire
Gorn Confederation
Orion Pirates
Inter-Stellar Concordium
Lyran Empire
Hydran Kingdom

More detailed documents concerning SFU history are found here Historical Documents


Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143

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