matter, usually solid form, psycho-reactive


Psycho-reactive substance that appears to be a crystalline rock. Seems to be both opaque and transluscent depending on the angle at which the light strikes the surface. It is typically found in pieces of 10 cu cm and smaller and in any of the primary colors. Pieces are often incorporated into jewelry, but it’s true purpose can only be realized by a specifically trained psionicyst. The psionicyst can modify the size and shape of the material with the telecommunication power. Many geologists suspect the material has extra-dimensional origins.


—T-Mass was found in large quantities on the unexplored planet Bueller-3
—A report filed by Academy cadets described the T-Mass being used as construction material for an starship of an undocumented design. There are no other reports of the ships whereabout’s before or since that incident.
—Jewelry made of this material is available for sale in all known warp-capable societies.


Star Fleet Academy Class of Y143 Q_nigma